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For eight years, she was the contributing editor for The Credentials Verification Desk Reference and its companion website The Credentialing and Privileging Desktop Reference.

Responsible credentialing agencies will ensure the following installations are in receipt of 90-Day rotators (MC, DC, and 66F) Inter-facility Credentials Transfer and Privileging Briefs (ICTB) and are received by the appropriate credentialing managers and special pay authority.

Privileging investment by families and communities in their own food systems with the goal of increasing their own long and short-term food security, as opposed to those made by outside bodies whether state or corporate.

The informal and collegial intervention process described in this Rule is separate from the peer review processes set forth in Rule 8 (Practitioner Health Concerns) of the Credentialing and Privileging Rules and Rule 3 (Disruptive Behavior and Harassment by Practitioners) of these Rules.

Privileging” means the authorizing by an appropriate authority, such as a governing body, of a health practitioner to provide specific treatment, care or services at a health facility subject to limits based on factors that include license, education, training, experience, competence, health status and specialized skill.[PL 2017, c.

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